We are an i3Development software company (iPod + iPhone + iPad = i3), with offices in Tokyo, Japan and Seattle, USA. We invite you to continue to enjoy more of our work as we release new titles. Thanks :)

  • Who are we?

    We are a Software Development company with two decades of experience designing and building software solutions for top Fortune 500 companies.

  • What do we do?

    We build the unbuildable, what others say cannot be done or don't have the imagination to realize it.

  • What don’t we do?

    We DO NOT compromise quality for price or time. We do not work for just anyone.

  • What have we done?

    Achieved new levels of quality and performance that exceed our clients’ expectations. Enable some of our clients to generate billions of $$$ from the use of our software.

  • What are we doing now?

    We are pioneering in the implementation of new technologies. Providing new unimaginable services to the end-users of our products.

  • What will we be doing in the future?

    What we have always done, continue to love and enjoy our work. Obtain the unobtainable. Excel at everything we do.

  • We guarantee our work 100%!

    We design and build the best software solution and we stand behind our word and our work 100%! If we do not deliver, we will not collect payment.

  • Bugs...

    No company can guarantee 100% bug free software; if they do, they are lying. Defects are inevitable but we do our best to prevent them. In the event that we miss to detect an error and it is our mistake, we will fix it at no cost.