i3 Application Development (iPad + iPhone + iPod = i3)

The iPhone platform has become one of the most significant mobile formats on the planet. Even in hard times, people are purchasing more iPhone apps than ever before. We have been developing for iPhone and iPod touch since it became technically possible, and today it's our most popular platform by far. With the new iPad, Apple has expanded the platform to allow a new class of desktop quality mobile apps.

A piece of software can seem very polished and stable to the user, but the surface may hide a myriad of clumsy code and rushed documentation. When you invest in the development of mobile software, you should demand the code to be fully optimized and documented, making it easy for new team members to pick up on the development process and ensuring a fast and stable product. This is where some developers cut corners to save time and money. We insist on taking the time to do things right from the very start. Often, the difference between a good and a bad developer are the things that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

We take design very seriously, because ignoring it will almost surely result in a bad product. Design is not only how fancy your app looks, but how the user will interact with it. A poor design decision in the beginning of the development process can result in catastrophic consequences later on. Therefore, it is extremely important that the purpose of your app is thought through from the start. A clear vision of what the app should be will help drive the design and execution in the right direction from the very beginning. When it comes to aesthetics, emonster has a long-running tradition of designing beautiful user interfaces. Because we know all our supported platforms in and out, we aim to design apps that users of the different handset will feel right at home in. This is especially important for iPhone applications, where any deviation from the traditional control methods can throw off a user completely.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud computing provides a way to develop applications in a virtual environment, where computing capacity, bandwidth, storage, security and reliability aren't issues - you don't need to install the software on your own system. In a virtual computing environment, you can develop, deploy, and manage applications, paying only for the time and capacity you use, while scaling up or down to accommodate changing needs or business requirements.

emonster designs and implements solutions that not only work, but that drive unique competitive advantage. We focus on identifying the key aspects of your business that differentiate you from the pack and then build unique solutions that accentuate those features. The result is more effective solutions and a better ROI.

Web Development

We have designed and produced over 100 websites ranging from simply a few pages to full blown database driven and content managed solutions containing hundreds or even thousands of pages. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality sites which help businesses achieve their business objectives and at the same time enhance their brand's recognition and reputation.

One of the questions we’re frequently asked is "how much does a website cost?" Although this is a valid question to ask, the answer depends upon a number of factors including the goal you are trying to achieve and what resources are currently available to try and attain that goal. Once we have that information, we will be able to then provide the most effective and cost efficient way of accomplishing this within the allowed budget.

The first stage in the production of any good website is understanding the business goals. After an initial consultation we will submit a detailed first draft proposal which is designed to be transparent so that you know exactly what is involved and what it is you are paying for.

We will maintain a close working relationship throughout the production process and beyond to ensure that at the end of the day you get the product you want.

Database Development

We have built large and small online databases which give our clients a great level of access and the ability to interact with and analyze their business data. We use technologies that provide robust and scalable solutions. Our databases fulfill identified business needs and can handle a large number of requests and process huge volumes of transactions.

The types of databases we have developed include numerous recruitment sites with the ability to upload thousands of job vacancies which are searchable using various criteria, as well as allowing candidates to register their details and upload their resumes.

We have also developed database solutions for real estate companies, staffing companies, airlines, music shops, bookshops and a host of other businesses as well as a number of e-commerce sites.